All about golden retriever and west highland white terrier breed mix

All about golden retriever and west highland white terrier breed mix

If you’re considering getting a West Highland White Terrier, then you’re in for a treat. This mixed breed is affectionate and gets along well with everyone. While a Westie isn’t a one-person dog, it gets along well with children of all ages. In addition to living with kids, this breed is great in households with multiple dogs. It’s even tolerant of cats!

Weshi is a hybrid of Shih Tzu and West Highland White Terrier

The Weshi is a unique cross between the two parent breeds. Its high intelligence, curiosity, and keen awareness of their environment makes it a great pet for a family with older children. As a result, Weshis can be snappy around young children, but with socialization and proper supervision, they can learn to tolerate rough play. The Weshi is an excellent family pet, but care should be taken to avoid biting or any other negative behaviors.

The Weshi is generally healthy, although the breed is prone to inherited health problems. Its males are generally larger than females, weighing up to 16 pounds and growing an inch taller. These dogs are loyal, affectionate, and intelligent. With proper socialization, they will get along with other dogs, children, and other pets. This breed does not get along well with small pets, so it is important to socialize with other pets and children.

Weshi is a companion dog

The Weshi is a popular companion dog for families with older children. The breed has a playful and friendly nature but can be territorial. Weshis are great companions for children, but may be aggressive towards other pets or children if they feel they are being invaded. These dogs are also good with young children if supervised playtime is provided.

Weshi are alert and playful with round brown eyes and ears that flop forward and are held high on the skull. Their ears may be brown or even black but do not have an overshot jaw. The Weshi has sturdy legs and a robust body. They also have feathered tails. It is unknown what the origin of the breed is, but it is a popular companion dog for golden retriever and west highland white terrier breed mix owners.

Although Weshis are highly intelligent and trainable, they can be stubborn. Repetition and high-value rewards are essential to overcome their stubbornness. However, some Weshi are more stubborn than others, so you might want to seek professional advice from a behaviourist. In addition, early socialisation can help prevent any destructive behaviors from developing. In addition to training, Weshis are generally friendly and affectionate with children and other pets.

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Weshi is a heavy shedder

A Weshi is a small, energetic, and friendly dog with a coat that is medium-length to long. Unlike their Shih Tzu parents, they are not prone to excessive shedding. As with their Shih Tzu parents, Weshis shed moderately, but they do not drool excessively or retain dog odor. Weshis are great with children but need adult supervision to avoid biting or roughhousing.

Like the Golden Retriever, the Weshi has a pronounced snout and a rounded face. While this dog is a heavy shedder, it is a lovable companion and is equally happy living in big and small cities. It is also an excellent choice for those looking for a playful, loving pet. This golden retriever and west highland white terrier breed mix is a great choice for families who want a loyal dog with an outgoing personality.

The West Highland White Terrier was originally bred for ratting. They are small and extremely intelligent, with a coarse, white coat. They have a round head and small, erect ears. Their necks are well-boned and their hind legs are short, powerful, and straight. They also have a short, carrot-shaped tail.

Weshi requires moderate exercise

Weshis are small dogs, weighing between sixteen to twenty pounds. Their coat can be soft or coarse, curly, or wavy. They are available in a variety of colors, including black, brown, and tan. They have floppy ears, and are extremely social and friendly. While they may be a bit cautious around children, Weshis make great family pets with proper socialization.

The Weshi is highly intelligent, but is notoriously difficult to train. This dog breed requires at least forty-five minutes of moderate exercise each day. Because their scruffy coat needs moderate exercise, they require only an occasional bath, and they can be difficult to train. But once trained, the Weshi will become a loyal companion and a great guard dog.

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