All about labrador and shih tzu breed mix

All about labrador and shih tzu breed mix

Before you consider getting a Labrador and Shih Tzu breed mix, you need to learn about the different types of these dogs. They can be categorized into several types: Blue Tzu, Coton Tzu, Boxador, and Boxador-Shih Tzu. All of these dogs have different personalities and characteristics, and you will want to research these characteristics before choosing a pup for your family.

Labrador and shih tzu breed mix

If you’re interested in a dog, you may be wondering how this labrador and shih tze breed mix will compare to the two parent breeds. The first difference is that the shih tzu is a smaller breed with short, stubby legs. It was originally bred to be a house pet and needs moderate exercise. Both parent breeds require daily grooming, but the shih tzu needs a moderate amount of exercise. Both breeds are friendly and cheerful, although they can be a handful at times.

A Labrador and a Shih Tzu breed mix is a friendly and energetic breed, and they are good with kids and other pets. It’s also important to know that both breeds need attention and do not like being alone, so early socialization will pay off. Both breeds benefit from positive reinforcement, which is why it’s essential to spend time socializing and training your new furry friend.

Coton Tzu

The Labrador and Shih Tzu breeds are most commonly used as household pets. They are both large and energetic, but they can also get along well with children. Despite their similar personalities, the Labrador and Shih Tzu breeds are different in their personality traits. They are great with kids, but they can also be stubborn at times. Read on to learn more about the different ways to train your Labrador and Shih Tzu.

A Labrador and Shih Tzu breed cross is a great way to give a dog an extra personality. This small designer breed is patient and affectionate. It is a very smart and affectionate dog. It has a unique personality, and it will adapt to different situations. It is an excellent choice for families with children, and it makes a wonderful family pet. However, if you are planning to breed a Shih Tzu and Labrador mix, you’ll need to make sure you’ve done your homework and know what you’re doing.

Blue Tzu

When deciding to bring home a new dog, you will want to find out all about the Labrador and Shih Tzu breed mixes. This combination of dogs is very versatile and a great option for those who want a large, beautiful dog. Both breeds have distinct personalities and can be great companions. In fact, some Labrador and Shih Tzu mixes are even referred to as Blue Tzus. These dogs can be red, white, or black in color. Depending on their parentage, they can have coats that are more or less wavy. They typically weigh anywhere from 10 to 12 pounds, and their ears are often erect and large.

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The Labrador and Shih Tzu mix can be a beautiful pet with a unique personality. Both breeds are extremely loyal and loveable. The difference between a Shih Tzu and a Labrador is their size and coats. If the parents are both Labradors, they will be large in size and weigh approximately the same. If the parents are both Shih Tzus, their coats will be rusty-white, with a bit of black in there.


The Boxador is a popular and versatile breed, with its playful, protective temperament. The boxer gene will contribute to the pup’s athleticism, alertness, bravery, and confidence. This breed is happiest in a backyard with a large yard for exercise. Without a yard to play in, Boxador puppies may exhibit destructive behavior. If you have an open back yard, consider adopting a Boxador to join your family.

The Boxador’s temperament is very friendly, and they do well with children and other pets. This breed is easy to train and can live anywhere. They do require some exercise, so they may not be the best choice for someone who works long hours or spends too much time away from home. A Boxador is also an excellent choice if you’d like to bring a dog into a family with kids.


A Labrador-Shi mix is an inquisitive, spunky pup. Like all dogs, they require attention, and they hate to be left alone. Socializing your Labrador-Shi mix will pay dividends in the long run. You should spend time playing with your new dog, and make sure to use positive reinforcement. Both breeds are energetic and need regular exercise.

These dogs are relatively small compared to the Shih Tzu, weighing about nine to 12 pounds. They have long, silky hair. They’ll also likely have bat ears, which are characteristic of the Shih Tzu. In terms of appearance, both parents share the same basic traits. However, their coat colors may differ a little, so it’s important to choose carefully.

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