Golden retriever aggression toward other dogs.

Golden retriever aggression toward other dogs.

A common cause of Golden retriever aggression toward other dogs is fear. A scared Golden is trying to protect itself just like a child swatting at a bee. A dog that is injured will not seek help. It will simply lick its wounds in isolation, and then become aggressive if someone tries to help him. Here are some ways to help your Golden learn to respect other dogs and be less aggressive to other dogs.

Positive association training

While it’s tempting to punish your dog for aggression, this will only make matters worse. Instead, try using positive association training to help your golden retriever learn to associate good behaviors with other dogs. By using positive association training to prevent your dog from biting another dog, you can make life easier for everyone. Some dogs may bite other dogs because they’ve been neglected or felt threatened by their owners. If your dog hasn’t been exposed to other dogs, it may think biting is normal and will therefore continue to do so.

Food guarding

If you notice your Golden retriever aggression toward other dogs is caused by its need to guard its food, you should take immediate action. This behavior can escalate to a dangerous level, posing a risk to your other dogs and humans in the house. Food aggression can be a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or a dental disease. Moreover, food guarding in dogs can be a sign of a broader problem.


Your Golden retriever may be shouting at other dogs, but it’s not necessarily aggression. It might just be excitement. If you’ve rewarded your dog for barking, it may continue to do so. Instead, recognize when your dog is about to bark and redirect it elsewhere. Hopefully, this will make the situation less stressful for both you and the other dog. In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy the company of your dog without the potential for confrontation.

Direct eye contact

One of the first signs of Golden retriever aggression toward other dogs is the appearance of straight or slanted eyes. This may indicate a lack of confidence or fear in the dog. Fortunately, dogs can learn to look into another dog’s eyes if given the opportunity. If you notice your Golden retriever making eye contact with another dog, consult a veterinarian. The cause of the problem may be genetics, or a combination of both.

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Obedience training

In addressing aggression toward other dogs, your Golden retriever obedience training program must first focus on establishing a clear separation between the dog and other dogs. You must also keep your dog away from other dogs so that it does not have the opportunity to lunge and growl. You must be patient and increase the distance between the dog and other dogs gradually. This process must be repeated with any new dog. It is also vital to establish your pup’s association with other dogs and people, and this should be done through a series of rewards.

Treating aggressive behavior

While golden retrievers are usually not aggressive towards other dogs, they can become aggressive when playing with them. Despite their intelligent nature, this does not mean that they have to be overly aggressive when they play. Goldens can chase, pounce, or bite when playing, and this behavior is normal. Many pet owners mistake this behavior for aggressive behavior, but the truth is that it is simply normal play for these dogs.

Distracting your dog

When your Golden retriever exhibits aggressive behavior toward other dogs, a good way to deal with it is to distract it. While you can’t stop your dog from barking or biting, you can distract him from the behavior by using a physical barrier, body blocks, or moving away from the situation. By doing so, your Golden will not associate the other dog with any negative association. In addition to distracting your dog, you will help it develop positive associations with other dogs.

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