All about labrador and sussex spaniel breed mix

All about labrador and sussex spaniel breed mix

If you’re looking for a new dog and want to know all you can about the Sussex-labrador cross, then read this article. It covers the background of the breed, its origins and characteristics, and health issues. You’ll also find out about its pedigree. This breed mix is a great choice for people who love the fuzziness of a lab.


The Sussex Spaniel is a dog that originated in the South of England. Its origins are unclear, but it is believed that it was developed by Mr. Fuller, a gun dog breeder. He wanted a dog that could hunt in the thick undergrowth and hunt down game. Fuller bred several breeds of spaniels, including the English Springer Spaniel and the Norfolk.

The Sussex Spaniel is an extremely intelligent breed of dog and has a keen sense of smell. They are a great hunting dog and have excellent retrieving skills. This breed is moderately fast and agile, with boundless enthusiasm for the hunt. While there are some problems with the breed mix, the Sussex Spaniel has many benefits. They are very social and do well with children and other pets.


The Sussex Spaniel and Labrador are both popular breeds, but there are some unique traits of this cross. The Sussex breed is prone to a number of common health issues, including hip dysplasia, tetralogy of fallot, and pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency. Other health concerns include allergies, deafness, and periodontal disease. This breed mix is susceptible to pulmonary valve stenosis and can also suffer from various eye problems.

The Sussex breed is a loving and gentle family dog, but is not quiet. While this dog is very intelligent and active, it can be stubborn and pushy when meeting a stranger. It can take a long time to housebreak, so you need to be consistent and use positive training methods. The Sussex breed also tends to bark a lot if left alone for long periods of time.

Health problems

If you’re thinking about getting a Labrador and Sussex Spaniel breed mix, there are several health issues to look out for. The first is hypothyroidism, which results in a low production of the thyroid hormone. Dogs with hypothyroidism often gain weight and develop skin and hair problems. A simple blood test can confirm this condition, and medication can help prevent its effects. This is a common disorder and affects almost any breed.

Other common health problems associated with this breed mix include a number of heart conditions. Pulmonic stenosis, which narrows the pulmonary artery, causes coughing, fainting, and exercise intolerance. In severe cases, it can lead to heart failure. Symptoms of this condition include coughing and blue mucous membranes. A veterinarian can easily detect this condition.

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Labrador and Sussex Spaniel breed mix dogs share many characteristics. These dogs are gentle and playful, and enjoy spending time with their owners. These dogs are very sociable, and get along with other dogs and cats. They may bark at loud noises or when people come and go, but they won’t bother your neighbors. They also bond strongly to their family and can be stubborn if left alone for too long.

Sussex Spaniels are much faster than Clumber Spaniels, and they have longer lasting scents. They can also penetrate a great deal of covert. The full bell-like tongue of the Sussex is a great help to shooters, as it allows them to detect game. Those who are not familiar with the breed should seek help from a reputable trainer.


A Labrador and Sussex Spaniel breed mix can have any color or pattern, from black to lilac. These two breeds are both energetic and stocky in movement, and have an excellent hunting instinct. The two breeds can be used for a variety of purposes, including hunting small game and birds. Their colors can blend in with the sunset, making them a perfect choice for hunting in the wild.

The Sussex Spaniel breed is a very rare spaniel, but is very cute. It is a medium-sized dog, about thirteen to fifteen inches tall at the withers and weighs between thirty-five and forty-five pounds. The Sussex has medium-length hair and golden liver coloring, with lob-shaped ears. This breed is known to be extremely affectionate, but can be destructive when left alone.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the labrador and sussex spaniels breed mix varies depending on many factors. Some of these factors are the proper diet, innate characteristics of the breed and spaying and neutering. Larger dogs tend to live shorter lives than smaller ones. The average lifespan of a Great Dane is seven years, while that of a Chihuahua is seventeen years. Taking a DNA test for your dog is a good way to determine your dog’s breed.

The average lifespan of a Labrador is approximately 12.5 years, though some live longer than that. As with any breed, Labradors must be well socialized, fed and exercised. Proper care and nutrition can extend their lives to the twenties. If you are unsure about the life expectancy of your new puppy, read the Happy Puppy Handbook and get to know your new pet.

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