All about labrador and smooth fox terrier breed mix

All about labrador and smooth fox terrier breed mix

If you are wondering if this dog breed is right for you, read on. Learn about the origin of this breed, its characteristics, and care. Keep reading to learn more about the smooth fox terrier and labrador mix. Listed below are some of the best facts about this dog breed. And don’t forget to check out our breed care tips for smooth fox terriers.


The origin of the Labrador and Smooth Fox Terrier breed mix is not entirely clear. This lively terrier originally came from Britain, where they were developed for use in traditional foxhunts. Like their Wire Fox Terrier cousins, they are closely related, though the smooth fox has a slightly broader head. Both have a slick, dense, and flat coat that is mostly white, with tan markings. These dogs are extremely intelligent, but do not have a great deal of natural instinct for hunting, making them excellent companions for active families.

The Smooth Fox Terrier is a highly adaptable dog breed that does well in large homes and can even adapt to apartment living. This breed thrives in moderate climates, but is sensitive to cold temperatures. It is best suited for a home with lots of room for play and exercise. It is also not recommended for those who want to spend a lot of time alone. This dog breed is very active, and should not be left alone for long periods of time.


If you’ve ever looked at a Labrador and a smooth fox terrier cross, you’ve probably wondered about the distinctive qualities of this hybrid dog breed. Despite its unusual combination of two popular dog breeds, the Labrador and smooth fox terrier breed mix is still a distinct breed with its own unique characteristics. Here are some important things to keep in mind when planning to get a Labrador puppy.

A Labrador and smooth fox terrine cross will probably be medium-sized and playful. Both breeds are known for their loyalty and lovable personalities. Although their genetics are very different, the traits they share are common in both breeds. These dogs are extremely intelligent, vocal, and loyal. You can expect your Labrador and smooth fox terrier mix to have the same sweet disposition and loving temperament as its parents.


When you have a Labrador and smooth fox terrian breed mix, there are certain things to consider to ensure their health and happiness. Both of these dogs are medium-sized, with a wedge-shaped head and a thick, smooth coat. The smooth Fox is generally white, with tan or black markings on its head. It is fairly active, and will need daily exercise to stay healthy.

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This dog breed mix is not suited for a family with children. They tend to be feisty and aggressive and will react violently to teasing or clumsiness. These dogs will also defend their food and toys from children, so keep them supervised. As you’d expect, these terriers shed a lot of hair. It sticks to your clothes and furniture.

Health care

If you own a Smooth Fox Terrier, the health of your dog is vital. While most dog heart diseases are caused by a weak heart valve, this breed can develop other problems too. It is important to see your veterinarian for an annual checkup. The first step in treating heart disease in your pet is to check for a heart murmur. If your pet experiences any of these symptoms, see your veterinarian right away for a comprehensive examination.

The Labrador and Smooth Fox Terrier breed mix can develop a number of health conditions, including joint dysplasia and patellar luxation. Although these conditions are common in both breeds, there are certain problems that are specific to this mixed breed. If you are concerned about your dog’s health, schedule regular checkups and veterinary care. The two breeds can be similar in size and temperament, but their personalities are unique and their health issues will require special attention.


The Grooming Labrador and Smooth Fox Terrier is similar to other types of dog grooming. The Smooth Fox Terrier’s short coat is easy to maintain with a firm brush. You can bathe the dog on occasion or dry shampoo it when necessary. You should only hand-strip this breed’s coat if it is very dense or long. This dog breed sheds moderately, so you don’t need to worry about excessive shedding.

The Smooth Fox Terrier is a high-energy, intelligent breed that needs a lot of exercise. This can make them a burglar or troublemaker. Daily exercise and consistent training are essential for these dogs. You should also brush their coats at least once a week to keep them free from dead hair. They will love you for it, so brush them daily. But don’t forget to take their nails and ears off – they’ll shed too.

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